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gratitude journals for women


Gratitude Journal

Journal, Notebook, Diary

These Gratitude Journals will help you get into the habit of writing down what you’re grateful for every day. It makes it easy for you to start and maintain a daily gratitude practice.

It’s a simple, beautiful way to practice being more grateful and it works!

There are prompts and quotes are included throughout the journal so you can always find something inspirational to write about.

The weekly spreads are undated so you can start your gratitude journal whenever it’s convenient for you. Each week has space for notes, reflections and affirmations as well as an inspiring quote to help get your started. There are also pages at the end for you to write down general thoughts and reflections that come up for you.

Please note they have the same interior, just different covers.

? 52 weeks of the year – undated gratitude journal

? Weekly spread

? 5 minutes a day

? Space for weekly notes, affirmations and reflections

? Designed to make it easy to do this every day

? Prompts and quotes for those days when you can’t think of anything to write

? Boho style – pretty gratitude journal

? 132 pages … 6 x 9 Journal

period tracker


Period Tracker

Journal, Notebook, Diary

This easy to use Period Tracker makes it super easy to track your monthly cycle, moods and symptoms.

There is a year view at the beginning of the book so you can view your cycle on one page, and then there are monthly pages to help you understand your cycle better and how it affects you.

Each month there is space to reflect on the month that has past and make notes on your cycle.

Discover how your cycle affects your moods, energy and productivity so you can plan your life more effectively.


? Undated but with space to label each month

? 24 months of tracking

? Icons and prompts to track your symptoms & moods

? 2 full year view pages to monitor your cycle on a single page view

? Space for monthly notes and reflections

? Self Care reminders with space to add your own

? Designed to make it easy to do this every month

? Inspirational quotes to keep you feeling positive

? Inspirational quotes to keep you feeling positive

? 102 pages … 6 x 9 Journal

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